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Oneness Sound, is a project that was born from the union of: Pedro Collares, Nuria Aguiar and Ravi Ramoneda. Music for the awakening of consciousness. A combination of strength and sweetness that will guide you in a journey deep in to your heart, in a space were stillness is the real essence. Indian tablas, hang, guitar, harmonium, ukulele and other instruments blend into soft singing voices of ancient chants from India and other cultures. With the complement of atmospheric electronic elements this music crates a space of peace that invites you to meditate and celebrate life. Oneness Sound is charged with a profound feeling of love. Music for any one that wants to feel the heart vibrating in love into real experience of oneness. They have performed in numerous yoga and meditation centers and festivals in countries like: Brazil Spain, Argentina, France, Germany…


Pedro, Núria & Ravi’s

Pedro Collares

Born in Río de Janeiro, Brasil. Now based in Barcelona, Spain. Multi-instrumental musician, musical producer and sound therapist. Specialized in the hang contemporary instrument of swiss origin. Investigator of exotic sounds and its healing vibrations. 1998 theory and musical perception course in Uni Río (University of Río de Janeiro). 2006 initiated as Oneness blessing giver at the Oneness University (India). 2008 graduated as an electronic music producer in SAE Barcelona and sound therapist by the Internacional Sound Therapy Association.

In his work he uses the power of sound as a bridge for the opening of the heart and the natural states of oneness. with his hangs, monocordio, and overtone chants, and other instruments has performed world wide bringing peace, harmony and serenity with his music. If you want to know more about Pedro, please visit

Núria Aguiar

Since her childhood she has been singing in choirs and different amateur bands. She has participated in classical events in different auditoriums of Spain

Núria is a teacher carrier for handicap children and has a therapist diplomat. She has been working for a lot of years with children. One of her dreams is to build an education of consciousness. Due to her yoga teacher training, she experienced the special power of healing mantras. It is in this moment when she starts participating and collaborating with some of the world's yoga personalities like: Twee Morrison- New York, Jason Nemer - Acroyoga, and others.

She also plays harmonium, tampura and keyboards. She has been in India several times to develop her formation, as well as volunteering for children and her own spiritual growth. At the time she is traveling with Ravi giving workshops and concerts in different countries like France, Germany and several cities around Spain…

Ravi Ramoneda

Born in a community of yoga masters, son of Swami Viran & Kandra. He has enrolled on a spiritual path threw out all his life with the techniques of yoga, meditation and healing trough the power of sound. He has been traveling to India for his musical development and spiritual growth.

His specialty is world percussion, mainly the tabla from India. He also plays didgeridoo for more than 10 years, harmonium, guitar and keyboards. He has been learning overturning chants by important sound healing musicians, for the last five years. But over all his greatest and most beautiful gift is Kirtan Yoga (devotional Sanskrit chants), which he is learning more and more every day of his life. At the time he is traveling in Europe giving concerts and workshops for healing and awakening. He has collaborated with well known yoga and therapeutic personalities, such as: Dharma Mitra (New York), Nestor Kornlbrum and others..

Concerts & Events

Barcelona Yoga Conference

Kirtan workshop with Onenesound at BYC 2012 Barcelona Yoga Conference, 5-9 July 2012 Welcome to the 2nd edition of the BYC, an event where people of all ageswith or with out yoga experience can find inspiration. A team well knowned teachers from the five continents gather to share their personal vision of yoga. Checkout the Program with up to 100 activities.

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